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On Site Sandblasting & Spraying Polyurea Coatings

Benefits of Polyurea coatings:

Corrosion resistant
Chemical resistant
Prolonged structure life
Cost effective
Cures in seconds
UV resistant

Corrosion Protection
Polyurea Coatings can be sprayed over rust on metal structures to prolong the life of the structure and can protect against future rust.

Pipe / Pipeline Coatings & Linings
Polyurea Coatings and linings are increasingly being used to protect steel pipes from corrosion. Polyurea has demonstrated it’s ability to last longer than paint and maintenance services and costs are reduced. Polyurea is a great protective coating system for pipes that are insulated with polyurethane foam. Polyureas are also being used to line the inside of water and sewer pipes for infrastructure rehabilitation work.

Tank Coatings
Polyurea Coatings protect steel tanks from corrosion, chemicals and other natural weather and job site elements. With proper surface preparation, substrate condition, formulation choice, primers and installation procedures, polyurea goes on fast and stays on long. Polyureas are great for extending the life of older tanks and can offer limited structural characteristics as well. These systems can be applied during primary construction or in a retrofit environment. With their fast cure times they are ideal for retrofit since down time is significantly minimized compared to some competing materials.

Tank Linings
Polyurea linings are resistant to many chemicals and industrial liquids. With their fast application advantages and ability to adhere to properly prepared substrates, polyureas are ideal for new storage tank primary lining and rehabilitation projects.

Roof Coating
Polyurea Coatings make excellent protective covering for polyurethane foam roofs. Polyurea can be formulated to meet specific performance requirements due the wide range of physical properties that can be formulated. Some systems have the “Cool Roof” ENERGY STAR rating for colour and reflectivity. These reflective coatings can help reduce the amount energy consumption buildings use for heating and cooling. The fast cure time and insensitivity to moisture allows for a quicker installation with a wider application window. It can be applied to clean or rusted metal surfaces to give superior protection, including water and salt spray resistance.

Flooring and Parking Decks

Polyurea flooring systems are most popular for their rapid turnaround installation capabilities. Other benefits are available with polyurea flooring systems as well. Polyureas are very durable and great for use in areas of high traffic. They are used in clean / dirty rooms as a waterproofing and protective coating from daily pressure cleaning operations. Polyurea can be formulated to be flexible and resilient allowing the flooring system to protect objects that may fall upon them.

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