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The AccuTest System has been designed to test pressure safety relief valves, on line and live testing. The system identifies those valves in need of full service or re-seating.
This latest technology ensures the correct information is analysed and that detailed documentation is sent to the customer. It’s accuracy and certified test results allows the valve to remain in operation longer which in turn assist the maintenance team.
RH Valve and Industrial have a fully mobile service team with fully US trained technicians to perform each test and certify the credibility of each valve tested using the AccuTest System.
RH Valve and Industrial using the AccuTest system conform to ISO 17025 and ASME code 1; 3 and 8 of the Boiler Code, and all certification is done by Barnard-Hughes approved inspection authority. AccuTest equipment is calibrated by UWE certified SANAS approved labrotory, ensuring accuracy and settings within tolerance.

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