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RHVI Euro Star

RHVI Compressors offer a wide range of products from:

* Piston Compressors
* Screw Compressors
* Portable Compressors
* Portable Diesel Compressors
* Belt Driven Compressors
* Direct Drive Compressors
* Compressor with Air or Water Cooling System
* 300L to 3 000L Air Receiver Tanks

RHVI compressors operate with the HANBELL air end from Taiwan, and MANN filters, all switch gears used are manufactured by ABB., and the thermostatic valve along with the pressure valve is manufactured by VMC of Italy. All stationary units with direct drive have a KTR coupling from Germany.

The manufacturing company was founded in 1997 in China and has grown over the years
in stature and size where today they have the capacity to produce over 200 000 units per annum.

The company employs around 800 full time employees and the factory covers some 174 000 square meters.
Incorporating an institute for research and development drilling.

A quality department for testing tooling and measuring equipment during production was
developed and a quality control department now certified and conforms to the ISO9001 standard
assuring a quality product from start to finish.

Each unit sold having gone through this demanding quality check is fully backed up with a
All RHVI products are guaranteed. Our Compressor models carry an unlimited guarantee against faulty material and workmanship and a 12 month guarantee against normal wear and tear. Misuse and use outside of the normal operating specification will make this warranty null and void. Oil and Filters are not covered by this warranty.

Our Piston and tank mounted range of compressors are covered for 12 Months against faulty materials and workmanship. Filters, Oil and Electrical parts are excluded from this warranty.

Our Screw Compressor range is guaranteed for 2000 hours and the Air End bearings for 4000 hours provided an RHVI approved dealer has carried out the services as prescribed by the manufacturer.
and in addition comes with all service parts required for that first service, which includes:

* Air Filter
* Oil Filter
* Seperator Filter

RHVI Compressors' vision and goal is to become a globally recognised brand.

RHVI Compressors have been appointed as an authorised distributor of
compressors and are hoping to expand the sales operation of the company to include
the whole of the African continent.

We are actively looking to appoint authorised selling agents nationally and country wide.

Interested companies or persons should please send details of the area they are interested in having
a dealership and a outline of their company business, by email to richard@rhvigroup.co.za or
alternatively call Richard on 083-230-8810